Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Welcome everyone & anyone.

There are critics everywhere on the web, but everyone writes about the same people; luckily, there are a lot of people and only a few each of us really care about, so it stays interesting. Though it seems with the state of mass communication we shouldn't have to wait for a music label, an art gallery, or a film studio to tell us what we should check out and write about. I truly believe if the people were not afraid to voice their opinion on something that no one has ever heard of, that the people could tell the labels, galleries, and studios what to check out.

This is not the blog to read if your are looking for info on the next album by Dirty Projectors, or to find out about the next Sarah Sitkin show. I hope to showcase those who have little to no exposure. Music will be emphasized as the medium is easily transferable via the web. Also, many artist these days sell their work online via iTunes store and the like. I hope to receive emails from artists across the world? looking for some publicity. I imagine that I will stay under the radar long enough to even follow up with some artists. I only hope to provide exposure.

Many may ask, why listen to this guy, what does he know? That is a valid question, but what do any of us know? Taste varies from person to person, & personally, I'm glad. But I've always been a critic, who hasn't? Though, I am an art student who has taken part in critique week after week. Not to mention 3 courses in Art History, which to be fair, was the only time I had to really "write" a critique.

So that's my idea, that's what this will be all about. Whether anyone else has thought of it or anyone else is doing it, I came up with it on my own and believe in the power it could have and change it make, I just hope the world will help me. I know I'm just one guy and one opinion, but those that don't like me can do the same and give a new perspective. And those who don't like them can do the same. Like I said, it's all about exposure, and I want to give it to any artist I think isn't getting enough.

Contact: push2stops@gmail.com

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