Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing 3 Featurettes

As stated in the first entry, there is a lot of artists out there I want to tell the world about. The plan was write reviews focusing only on artists w/ close to no exposure. While I am still going to do that, I have also decided to do featurettes. Let me break it down:
1 Stop Push
This will focus on new up and coming artists. I will likely only do this for musical artists cos one of the main reasons I want to write this is to give readers an idea of music that I like. I truly believe that we take in music differently than other art as it is easy to listen while doing other things. Depending on when we chose to listen to music makes for a greater diversity in taste. Another reason to write about this stuff is to encourage music artists to stay good, rather than get boring.
Pretty much like 1 Stop Push, but will focus on works from non-english speaking contries--or better to say, countries that have a different 1st language than english.
Props is more a way to say I like something w/o writing a review. Sometimes I get overwhelmed w/ the stuff sent in on top of the stuff I come across in my everyday life & I get stuck trying to decide what to write about first. Well no more, some of these things will just get lumped together & people will have to decide whether to take a chance & seek it out. Also, there are somethings I just do not know enough about to write about. Dance is a great example, I love, Love, LOVE dance--well, I can @ least. But I don't know anything about dance, it just sometimes touches me or I think it looks really cool & I'm blown away, but I don't know what they are doing, or what's hard to do, cos I've never studied it. It could be argued that if I can't write about it, my opinion is irrelevant--again, readers can decide whether or not to look into it.
Here are some samples.

Angel Deradoorian needs a 1 Stop Push! She's in a Brooklyn band that's getting some/lots of press right now but a lot of people don't know that she has a solo EP out called Mind Raft under her surname. I actually found out about Dirty Projectors through her, even though they have been around for a while. Every track is very different so I'm very eager to see the direction she goes in. High Road & You Carry the Deed are the two tracks I'm most into. I might be more interesting to see an album like You Carry the Deed since it furthest away from what she is doing in Dirty Projectors--also it's very soulful & really touches me. Both songs can be found on her MySpace page, so if you like them go buy her EP so that she can put out an album. :) You can listen to this interview while you finish reading. It's funny the interview keeps trying to get her to explain her music, & she's all take it as you will. I think that's great. There is some live music too.

A while ago I found out about a Mexican Pop artist named Ximena Sariñana. I'm not much into pop but sometimes I find something that pulls me in. I don't know what I first heard but it got me to look into her but couldn't find her in my usual place so I went to YouTube & found this video of her singing Dino's Volare. She looked like she was 14 & had this powerful voice. Turns out she's in her 20s but it didn't matter by the time I bothered to look into the details I was obsessed. I listened to her everyday on YouTube for about a week. Like I said I'm not into pop too much so it didn't last. Though, if you like pop you like singers or girls w/ pianos you're likely to dig her. I still like about 4 or 5 of her songs & never cared for the singles. I would compare half of her album to an early Fiona Apple; it's called Mediocre--look into the story it's a good one, she actually a good writer from what I can tell--my Spanish isn't so great, it's pretty bad actually.

Gotta give some props to some DJs. DJ Katy from Chicago let me take a listen to a live set that's just over an hour. The bulk is Top 40 stuff, most of which I'm not into, but she did a good enough job for me to not skip a single track. I know very few of you know me, but that is a huge deal. The last 20 minutes were mainstream house. To top it off I was moving the whole time, got into full on dancing anytime I got up. I'd even more eager to see her now. I just have to find her @ the right place. This past Friday I was @ a little place called Underground SF. I walked in @ the end of Sarah Delush's (FU, Bump, Finger Jam, SF) set. It seemed pretty good but I was trying to get a drink & she was finished before I could really get into it. Sam FM (FU, SF) put on a great set; it was the first time I had heard him spin & I was quite impressed. Sleazemore (Lights Down Low, Infatuation, SF) also did quite nice causing me to break a sweat. Wish I had some details for these DJs but I wasn't taking notes. :)

p.s. Thank you to everyone who has submitted work so far.
p.p.s I'll add contact info & the like for DJs as it comes to me.


  1. A message from DJ Katy:
    I currently spin Fridays at Durkin's (810 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago) and Saturdays at District (170 W Ontario, Chicago). Upcoming event includes the grand opening of Scarlet Ultra Lounge (3320 N Halsted St, Chicago) on 9/16...
    Email: katy.gron[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. deradoorian is good music. and pretty to boot, checked her out today