Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Music Blogger Day!!!

Here is a Props post & a reply in one. I recently received a few tracks from Phil Freedman of Lazy Loons, those of you that know me, know I'm a fan of their last EP Almost Pueblos. He is working on a demo, possibly an EP, under the name Talkshow Host. He is also known as Tiggerwoods & to a lesser extent, or @ some point, Spooky Bear, L'ours, & Stationtostation--mothafucka wants to be a hip-hop artist. I generally don't care for his solo work as what I have heard is too ambient for my searching for new music mood--I am rarely in the mood to give ambient music a chance. *shrugs* It's also a bit redundant. When I found out that Dane Rivera of Lazy Loons--aka, Dane Rivera--was producing these tracks I was, like, cool Lazy Loons is putting out two EPs @ once. To my surprise it sounds nothing like Lazy Loons or, what I knew as, Tiggerwoods/Talkshow Host. It's sung better than ever--remotely understandable--he's writing real lyrics--I wish you were born w/ your mothers lips so you can say all that she would--he seems to have taken simple redundancy to hypnotic repetition & he's breaking up vocals patterns w/ loathing & shattered "Ohhs." It's like when one has an idea that you know wont work & then it does, only Talkshow Host took a while to figure it out. So long as he doesn't get formulaic this could end up being a cool demo. I hope I can get my hands on a copy when it's done. :)

Alma Real would be a good first track. Cut Muemerry in half & definitely add vocals, crazy shifting vocals, cos it's heading back to that redundancy. Haunted is good as is, don't redo vocals or have someone else do vocals. If you want to add female vocals just add some harmonies or flourishes--or just have her come in around 3:10-ish. Write two more songs w/ similar lyrics & this could be an EP worth giving a full review.

Talkshow Host is currently putting together a take away shows like project in Los Angeles send him a tweet @tiggerwoods to get involved. Lazy Loons is releasing their EP Eep! track by track (I think) on Last.fm & myspace.com (check back for the review, it's in the cue!!!)

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